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Property management in Greece

LeaderStay is the only Greek company specializing in property management all over the country.
We lead to powerful sales networks, to the most popular travel agencies, wholesalers, OTAS, tour operators, affiliates and other tourism channels specially targeted to properties. We cooperate with European travel specialists. We provide to every property owner access to wider sales, over B2B and B2B2C networks.

The content, booking and sales departments combined with the Yield management software for pricing and occupancy, help us to bring the best possible results of profit and evaluation for your property



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Villa description

Different channels have different users. Make sure your property is described appropriately for every prospective client.

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Stop worrying about updating every small detail in all the channels where you have a presence. Focus on your property and let us take care of consistency.

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Property Manual

Isn’t it nice to have the basics about your property available to the visitor in one comprehensive publication? How many times can you spell the password to your Wi-Fi or the food options near them?

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Visitor Instructions

Not everyone is familiar with the use of a GPS. Lets have the visitors know beforehand how to get to where you are without a fuss and a thousand phone calls.

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Pricing strategy, market monitoring

It’s hard to keep a coherent price and even harder to do it taking into account the competition at all times. We are here to help you make the most out of every market change – with speed, efficiency and above all profit.

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Wholesale Channels

Some things one can’t manage alone. Find your place among the list of properties the big tour operators have on offer.

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Reply to emails

Time waits for nobody, neither do clients from other time zones. It’s time to stop checking your emails and composing replies at odd hours, so let us provide you with a service for trivial but mandatory communication.

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After booking service

There’s a time between a booking and arrival where a lot of things might be needed. A single point of communication for visitor and property owner is of great importance. And it saves them both a lot of effort.

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Pre-check-in Service

Make sure that last minute small changes in one’s itinerary won’t turn into big issues for your check in. We make sure the last mile for your guests’ arrival is made as smooth as possible for all concerned.


LeaderStay is a unique property agent specializing in travel, tourism and online operations. Established and managed by experienced personnel with a long history in the travel market. Having realized a lacking in promotion for villas & exclusive properties we have created our own system, providing all the details while following today’s most up to date requirements.

In many destinations and in villas with exclusivity of management we provide

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Linen Management

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Garden Maintenance

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Check-in/ Check-out

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Phone Assistance 24/7

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Representative Visits in Villas

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Pool Maintenance

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Video Recording

More than

80 partners abroad

Our respected, well known partner networks such as, AirBnB, TripAdvisor and above all Tour Operators, renowned agencies specializing in villas, direct travel agencies, B2B networks with direct distribution in travel agencies worldwide.
With more than 60 partners your villa will be published and seen all around the world, through the following official networks:

  • lnterhome for the Greece Market
  • Homes & Villas by Marriott International with 145 million loyal clients.
  • Plum Guide with 45% of their clients from USA booking at least 90 days before their holiday with an average age of 45 years.

we value your clients satisfaction as our top priority.

Get in Touch

Athens office: Hymmetus str. 7, Palaio Faliro, Athens
Telephone: +30 210 9402841
Crete: Street I, Industrial Area of Heraklion, Crete Greece
Telephone: +30 2810 341911

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Athens Office

Doiranis 139, Kalithea, Athens
Tel: +30 210 9402841

Crete Office

Street I, Industrial Area of Heraklion, Crete Greece
Tel: +30 2810 341911